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Winteringham: “One of the most beautiful of all English villages” - C E Trimmer             Banner photograph by Alan Kitchen © 2011
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Next Parish Council Meeting: 5th Aug 7:30pm       Latest update: 6,398 at 8:10 am Monday 28th July 2014


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The Parish Clerk’s introduction to Winteringham
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Floodline: 0845 988 1188

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Taking the Waters

History site
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West End

Taking the Waters
History Photos
Latest Upload:
West End, (pre 1907)

Winteringham Recipes
Latest Recipe
Christine Hammond
Date Squares

Chapel Newsheet

Latest Chapel News
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27th July

Winteringham Camera Club

Camera Club Latest Report,
by Sandi Johnson
July 2014

Winteringham First Team v White Hart

Winteringham FC
WFC 2 - 7 Trentside Rangers

Winteringham First Team v White Hart

Winteringham Video site
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Haven Bridge

Church Fete 2013 - Jeep - 150w

Winteringham Modern Photos Archive site
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Youngsters raise Cash, Vulcan Overfly, Ken’s Nature Tour, Chapel’s Outside Service

Winteringham First Team v White Hart

What the Papers Have Said about Winteringham
Archive now from
July 2004
April 2014

Bay Horse Inn, Winteringham

Kay CD conversion advert

Simon Cook Plumbing & Heating Ltd
62 West End
01724 732604
mobile 07702648958

All plumbing and heating work undertaken, free quotations, gas safe registered, no job too small or large.

Winteringham All Saints Church
Enquiries for baptisms, weddings & funerals ... please contact
Rev Alice Nunn
The Vicarage
High Street
01724 732262

Normal pattern of services at Winteringham Church:

1st Sunday in month:
10:45 Holy communion
3rd Sunday in month
9:15 Holy Communion
4th Sunday in month
6pm Evening Holy Communion
For second Sunday - please ask for details of other churches in the group.
When a fifth Sunday occurs a 10:30 am Group Service will be held at one of ...
Alkborough, Appleby, Burton, Flixborough, West Halton, Winteringham, Winterton or Whitton
Time and venue may change for Mothering Sunday, Easter, Harvest, Christmas, etc.

Joanna Blackburn Art
Joanna Blackburn Art

Can we help?
If you have anything that you wish to have publicised in Winteringham, let us know and we’ll do all we can to help, and it’s all free!
Just contact us



Picture of the Day

Foaming - 525w

I’m forever blowing bubbles .....

Grandchildren “spiking” the water feature at Margaret’s house with bubble-blowing mixture had a wonderful effect!  But Alan and Margaret weren’t “foaming at the mouth!”

525 w  -RIMG0003 (1)-20140726-082853


525 w  -RIMG0007-20140726-082853


525 w  -RIMG0009-20140726-082853


Everything is Growing Like Mad!

With hot weather and plenty of recent rain, everything in Winteringham is growing fast!  Saturday’s temperature is set to be the highest of the year so far at 26!


Village Calendar

For additional information on events, click on the fly-out box.

Organisations: If you have an event planned, or a regular meeting that you would like placed on the calendar above, please contact the website here.  Alternatively, contact Kay Ashberry, 4, Back Lane.

Note: If you have set your computer’s security settings to “highest” the calendar may not show.

WWI Commemoration 525w



Flyer's NLLR Poster

Drive a Train from Winteringham on the North Lindsey Light Railway!  (Requires the commercial program “Railworks”)

Next update now including the Flixborough and John Lysaght’s branch is now available.  Check the new website for further information.  The file for North Lincolnshire is FREE.  There will be a further update in the next few weeks which will feature the scenery around Grimsby-Immingham Light Railway.

The line in videos:

See the YouTube video here

There’s now a second YouTube video here.

.... And a 3rd video here.

The file for this railworks route is now available on UK Train Simulator website, as well as via “Skydrive.” 

Winteringham Parish CouncilWinteringham Parish Council
Christine Hammond, Parish Clerk
Parish Council Minutes for June more...
Parish Council Report for July more...

Weather Records

Alan Kitchen’s Weather Records
June Records

Winteringham Newsletter - Jason Donovan at the Butchers

Winteringham Newsletter for Exiles!
The June 2014 village newsletter has now been delivered to all the houses in Winteringham, but especially for exiles, here’s the full electronic version!

more ...


Metal detecting - offer


Lorraine’s YEAR of Fund-raising!

This year I have decided to raise money for the RSPCA and I have raised the bar!!!! I am aiming to do  a whole year of events (my poor mum & Paul)  here's the list so far ..

May 2014 20k walk
May 2014 Santa Barbara half marathon
May 2014 Hoover Dam sky dive
June 2014 hull 10k
June 2014 5k open water swim lake Windermere
June 2014 3 peaks

August 2014 tough mudder
September 2014 10 Peaks
March 2015 Mt Kilimanjaro

I am funding all of these myself and would be forever grateful if you sponsor me & pass this on to all animal lovers out there.



Probus circle - small

Probus text - 525


Lions local badge - 214w

Winterton Lions website
Click here, or the logo




Our own Marie Celeste!

The sea-going ketch “Aimwell” was built at the yard of Routh and Waddingham on the Haven, and launched in 1883.  Plans of her have appeared in books, and there is a model of her in a Hull museum.  Her name came from a Derby winner, and she shared it with several other boats and ships, some sail, and some steam.

But she shared a fate similar to the Marie Celeste.

In 1919, she had sailed from Newcastle, bound for Goole with sulphur ore, her captain on this occasion missing the trip, and travelling to Goole to meet her there.

However, when the trading steamer Clara on route between Antwerp and Goole came upon her near the Dungeon Lightship, she was sitting low in the water.  The mate and two sailors from the Clara boarded her .... to discover there was no-one on board!  The Clara searched for any sign of the crew over a large distance of sea around the vessel, but found no-one!  She then took the Aimwell in tow, despite the leak in the old ketch, but after 10 or 11 sea-miles the Aimwell suddenly keeled over and sank, leaving the Clara forced to cut the heavy tow rope.


As for the crew of the Aimwell .... we have no idea as to their fate ......




WWI Commemoration 150w

Click here, or pic to see larger poster



Primary School gets new website

Click here, or on the icon


Can you help Amy with her research dissertation on flooding in Winteringham and district?

To see her survey, please click here.

If you would prefer a face to face interview, please click the above link, and click on “Contact Us”




Parish Council Meeting: Report online

June’s Minutes now online


Lorraine’s Fantastic Year ... Fund-raising all over the world!  See account on this page!


“Britain from Above” gets closer!

Britain from above shows aerial photos taken from all over the UK, between 1919 and 1953.  Recently added to the website are photos of Winterton and Roxby - but not Winteringham (yet).

There are two aerial photos of a boat off Winteringham.  To find them on the BFA website, search for “Brough.”  Whitton Lightship is also on the site.

To go to the site, click here


Village events Calendar here


Winteringham’s “Marie Celeste”

Click here for the story


WFC 2 v 7 Trentside Rangers


Alan’s June Weather Records


Today’s forecast 21



On this Day in Winteringham

Winteringham Fair - Day 2
Fair on Feast of Mary Magdalen

Winteringham Academy

GC Clarke's advert “Education at G C Clarke’s Academy, Winteringham, Brigg, Lincolnshire, where young gentlemen are genteelly boarded and carefully instructed in Classical, Mathematical and Commercial Learning, on the Interrogative System.
G C Clarke, sincerely grateful for all favours, informs parents and guardians that his Academy will re-open on 28th July for Board and Instruction in the following branches of Education: viz.
The Latin and Greek Languages, Geography (ancient and modern), History, English, Grammar, Algebra, Arithmetic, Book Keeping, Land Surveying, Gauging, Reading, Writing, etc. etc.
For young gentlemen under 10 years of age, 20 guineas per annum.
Between 10 and 14 years of age, 22 guineas per annum.
Between 14 and 16 years of age, 24 guineas per annum.
Entrance 1 guinea, Washing and Mending 2 guineas.
French (by a Native of France) Entrance 10s 6d.  Tuition 4 guineas.
No extra charges, except for books and the use of the Globes”


William Carlisle was charged with having married Fanny Roulsby Sargant on 28th November 1870, when his first wife, Bridget was still alive.  He had married Bridget at Sheffield, on 17th June 1856, but left her after a month or two, and was under the impression that the marriage was not a binding one.  He had seen her frequently, and recently she had been living in the vicinity of Winteringham, where the girl Sargant lived!  He was found guilty of bigamy and sentenced to 2 months imprisonment.

Grand Concert in Temperance Hall

This days' edition of the Hull Packet reported
GRAND CONCERT. - A few evenings ago a most excellent concert of sacred and secular music was given in the New Hall, under the conductorship of Mr J.H. Green, by Dr J.H. Gibson and a numerous party of ladies and gentlemen from Hull.  It is the first time that so many of the choice productions of the great masters have been so well rendered in this neighbourhood.  To particularise any of the performers, where all were so good, would be invidious.  We can only say that the crowded audience was delighted, and that if the same artists honour this place with another visit, they may depend on having a full house and a most hearty welcome.

Light Ship?

Goole shipping arrivals: The "Arthur" arrived from Winteringham, light (i.e. no cargo on board).

Cricket v Saxby

Winteringham won at Saxby scoring 124 against 47.  Winteringham's batsmen were:
J Beacock 2
A Sutton 9
G Burks 1
H Bray 14
W Barratt 22
H Sutton 7
W W Sutton 4
L Sutton 21
C Clayton 20
E Routh 11
H Smith no 0
Extras 13

Bowling: A Sutton took 4 wickets for 0 runs in his first over, and H Sutton took 6 for 19!


Carnival in Clark's field


The Monday Mystery
Monday Mystery

An occasional series
Click here for a larger picture, and the solution to last week's poser!

Correct answers for this week’s mystery (above) so far ...
Flyer Robinson


Lost and Found
Number 98

Lost and Found Picture

We test your knowledge of items dug up from the past - usually from the fields around the village!
more ...
Correct answers so far ...

    What the Papers Say
     Latest ... Click here
    21st July 2014

    Tata Steel fined 10k after Scunthorpe worker suffers serious burns

     Scunthorpe Telegraph

    To search the news archive from July 2004 to the present click here.

The Sunday
Winteringham Fact:

Number 421
To the Sea!

From the Haven Bridge to the open water of the Humber used to be 338 yards .... it is now 782 yards!


SOUTHSIDE - 2 - 150w

South Side or Southside?

You can find many of our past facts
together with some included in the Hull Packet 150 years ago!

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Newsletter November 2011

The Village Newsletter
Every June & November

Tetney to Winteringham Haven, on Youtube here

(from Ferriby Sluice to Winteringham Haven starts at about 26 minutes into the video)


The Legend of King Arthur ... did he fight a major battle at Winteringham?

A new academic paper suggests he just might have done so!


Help write the NEW Guide to Winteringham - on the centenary of the 1912 Guide to Winteringham by CE Trimmer, and the
1,000th anniversary of the Viking Raid!  Click here for details

On YouTube: Read’s Island in the sixties!  (Very short video).

See a very distant view of Winteringham and Read’s Island from the air in 1926, here

NLLR simulation: Latest update v8d has now been uploaded



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